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AdvancED System Accreditation in Action

AdvancED System Accreditation in Action

تشغيل الفيديو
Accreditation Afsg

American Diploma program

The American Diploma program is one of the educational international systems that qualify students to enroll in local and international universities in the world. This program is known for its flexibility and variety as well as being accredited by most of the international and local accreditation commissions.

This program accommodates the local educational requirements as well as the international. It is supervised by an internationally recognized committee to ensure that standards set are being met. Our school is working on the accreditation by AdvancEd. For further information on AdvancED you can visit

Objectives of Education:

  1. Building Students' Islamic, National, and Intellectual Personality in terms of Knowledge, Skills, and Values. 

  2. Providing enrollment Opportunities for the Students so they can join Education. 

  3. Developing the Criteria needed for the Selection, and Qualification of Teachers as well as developing Teachers' Competencies, ​ and motivating them. 

  4. Promoting Quality, and Upgrading the Qualitative Level of Education. 

  5. Expanding the Construction, and Maintenance of Educational Buildings, and Facilities. 

  6. Producing, Disseminating, and Employing Scientific Research, ​ and Knowledge, and expanding Higher Postgraduate Programs. 

  7. Expanding Private Education with a view to achieve the Development Objectives. 

  8. Upgrading the level of Education Outputs, in compliance with the Requirements of Development, as well as with the Needs of the Society. 

  9. Developing the Regulatory Environment, and Activating Governance. 

     10. Granting Overseas Scholarships to talented students with a view to meet 

       the needs of Development, and to Exchange Knowledge. 

    11.Optimally employing the Information, and Telecommunication. 

    12.Diversifying the Education Funding Resources, and Investing in Education. 

    13.Enhancing Local, and International Partnerships

    14. Thinking and learning to learn

    15. Cultural literacy, communication and expression

16. Managing daily life, taking care of oneself and others

17. Multiliteracy

18. ICT-skills

19. Entrepreneurial and work life skills

20. Participation in and building sustainable future.

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